Excuse Me, Do YOU Speak Body Language?

Well of course you do! Maybe you're just not aware of that yet...
And that's something we are about to change!

"Wait, what? What is body language?"

Ah, I'm glad you asked…

Ever thought about the way you talk, stand, sit, walk, eat , drink, flirt or even sleep?  What does it say about you? About your mood? Your attitude? Your personality and your culture?

Our body gestures, facial expressions, postures and even the distance we keep from others, when tied up together, create a rich layer of mostly subconscious communication called body language.

It's your most natural and effective way of communication in face to face interactions. To say it in one sentence:  "it's not what you say, but how you say it".

I first met the term "body language" when I was trying to learn how to develop "charisma": I wanted to understand how to become more confident, to act and convince others just like in the movies and, of course, how to make a better impression on the ladies.

With time I learned, though, that "body language" is more than a collection of tricks or manipulations to get your end. I realized that having the sex appeal of James Bond is actually found in the small and subtle details, when combined together, they make a HUGE difference. Body language is the study of these often overlooked details in the behavior of men, and it became a second language for me– a way to understand others and myself on another level.

And I invite you to try it too…

So, what do we do here?

body language woman.

Like the title of the site says – we're here to study body language. It's that simple

Does it involve manipulations? Or "filthy" tricks? Why, sure. Like every other knowledge it can be used to either good or bad (from a personal perspective). Understanding body language gives you the power to see what's going on "beneath the surface". It's up to you how to use that knowledge.

But I do believe you'll find it to be much more than tricks once you start being aware of it - I personally think of body language as a secondary language that everyone shares.

Do you truly need a talent for it? Well, some people are more casual about it – they understand most of it intuitively and feel very comfortable in their skin around others. For others, it's like going from one awkward moment to another when it comes to social interactions. Naturally, these are the people who will gain the most benefit from learning it.

My purpose on this site is to help you connect to your intuition and let it guide you to understand the subtext of what you hear and see. Moreover, with practice and determination, to give you more control over your own behavior and non verbal signals.

If you're interested in a improvement in your interpersonal relationships or simply a way to understand others better - you've come to the right place. Welcome (:

Now, are you ready to take the first step in this journey of exploration?

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