About Me

Hi, my name is Sinay Tarakanov and I'm the owner of this website.

Who am I?

I'm student who lives in the coastal city of Ashdod in Israel.

I study Psycho-Biology In the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In my free time I study photography, teach juggling crafts in elementary schools, and of course, study body language.

What Do I Have to Do with Body Language?

You might wonder at this moment about my connection to body language. It's a fair question that deserves a fair answer so I'll to explain in 2 parts:

1. I'm a regular guy, just like you, the only difference really is that I took my curiosity about body language several steps forward. I don't have a sociology degree or some other diploma that "proves" that I'm a body language expert (if there is even such thing). I imagine that I tackle the same issues as you when it comes to social interactions and I do my best to deal with them the 'right way'.

2. I did gain a lot of experience working with people from various backgrounds, social statuses and ages. This taught me a lot about body language and human behavior from many different angles:

  • The Israeli diverse culture gives me an opportunity to discover and understand people from different background, culture, tradition and sets of beliefs.
  • My work in the army taught me a lot about authority and leadership – what are the qualities of a good soldier or a good commander. How status and dominance affect the behavior of the people in militant environment.

  • Working in traveling security companies taught me how to monitor people and deal with suspects and threats.

  • I worked a lot with foreigners – an opportunity that allowed me to expand my point of view about their culture, and more importantly, put my body language to a test when a verbal language barrier was existent.
  • I'm no stranger to the dating scene and I have my own set of experiences with flirtations and attraction techniques.
  • And lastly, perhaps the hardest group of people I had to deal with is kids. In my current job as a teacher I learn time and again the hard but quite satisfying lessons of teaching and working with children, or any group of people for that matter.

So, the bottom line here is that my connection to body language is just like your connection to it. We study it by experience – we see and use it every day, everywhere – We live it.

My "expertise" came from my passion to study it. I figured that if I'd learned nonverbal communication - it will allow me to have a greater control over my life .So I took it as a personal quest to learn much as I can about it. I started by reading books and watching programs and combined it with my own observations and experience of trial and error.

My quest is far from over (and personally I doubt if I'll ever "master" it) but every time I learn something new. And, more importantly, I'm having so much more fun with my social life.

Why Build a Site About it?

1. I believe that this site can help you and other people with body language. Like I said, I'm no "body language expert" as some may call themselves. I'm a layman who writes for the laymen. This is my belief that body language shouldn't be some esoteric study, but rather a communication tool available for anyone who wishes to understand himself and his social interactions better.

2. In my experience, when you teach something – you begin to understand it on a much deeper level. When I write about any subject that related to body language I basically relearn it and often discover something entirely new.

Seriously, if you ever have a desire to become an expert in any field – learn to teach it. It's much harder than it sounds but with much greater rewards (:

3. It's also about business. Building a quality website takes time and resources but in turn, with patience and persistence it can turn into a profitable business.

"Nothing is free in this world, huh"? You might say - Not exactly.

I don't have any plans making visitors pay to view my content, and I will never sell or lead you to anything that I personally know to be a hoax or a bad product. It's just not a good business. Just like you won't shop a second time in a store where you had a bad experience. This means however, that in time, I will implement programs and ads that can be relevant and helpful to some of you - you'll be the judge.

To sum it up – I do it because it's the combination of business and pleasure for me.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

It's simple - you don't need to. You really don't have to take my word on any of the subjects I present to you, but I don't think it'll hurt.

I believe the right attitude for a subject like body language is to use your own judgment, but in the same time, keeping an open mind and experiment by yourself.

Naturally, I don't have any intention to publish lies or misguided information. The content I publish comes from my own experience, observations I made and the guidance I received from material on the subject. I do my best to provide content in the simplest yet informative way I can.

But I'm still a human being - I can err. Or more likely, my experience and interpretation can be different from yours or some other writer's – this is natural, and I do recommend to double check me if you find something disagreeable. Remember that often there isn't one 'right' way - but rather a 'right for you' way.

What's so Special About My Site?

I know that today we are flooded with information about nonverbal communication – body language experts tell you how to act, you hear about new 'techniques' to read minds and pick up artists sprout like mushrooms after rain. So what's so different about me?

Well, I'm not a messiah, and I won't pretend to be one. Like I mentioned before, I'm a regular guy equipped with his experience and common sense. Just like you, I'm trying to discern the truth from the exaggerations, to see what's really worth its salt.

My approach to this is to give the most relevant info in the simplest form. I try to avoid too much science talk because I don't believe it's always relevant to learning how to use and read body language. You don't need to understand how electricity works in order to use it. I do bring links to studies and articles that I believe can enrich you and give a better in-depth understanding.

I won't sell you empty dreams either. Becoming charismatic and charming is doable but not easy, and requires much more than reading a book or watching some Youtube video. Most of the info on my site (or any other site for that instance) is worthless without action and practice. Even then, it can take time, guts and patience.

You will see me often use ambiguous language like: "it can mean either X or Y" or "usually that indicates that…" Am I just being evasive? Why not give a straight answer?

Well , you see, it's hard… because body language by itself is mostly an ambiguous thing… Learning how to read it is like making a calculated guess – you try to collect all the pieces together to get the right picture – sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard and you get it all wrong . Only practice can make you better.

Well that's the hard truth for you. Are you still aboard?

Personal Stuff

How Old Are You?

I'm in my mid twenties, never better.

In My Spare Time

I love photography and travel, that's why I often like to use long walks, trips, visits and other opportunities to take some shots.

I also love to juggle and use other circus tools - that's how I got into the job of teaching it to kids.

I care about my health and fitness. I'm not a body builder but I'm sticking to 2-3 fun training sessions. Usually outdoors with some good company, I'm not really a gym fan.

I do the occasional reading and like almost everyone else I love watching movies and hang out with friends.



I like Christopher Nolan's films, Guy Ritchie's Films, Tarantino Film's. To tell the truth I'm not very picky about the films I watch… but I'm not a big fan of long drama films where you end up asking yourself "what was the point of this?"


Classical rock like: The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin. Chillout like: Air, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack. Electronic and psytrance: Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Daft Punk, Pendulum, Shpoongle. To name a few.

Anything with a good story. Fantasy, horror, historical - anything goes so long it's not too pretentious and tedious.


Lots of meat and vegetables. I try to follow as much as I can the Paleo diet for healthier lifestyle. Besides that I prefer food that I can put a name on - it doesn't need to be fancy to be tasty.

When it comes to drinks I prefer beer – stouts like Guinness are the best. I also like wine and scotch but I don't pretend to understand too much about it.


I really try to stay out of it

Advice for Life

"Don't pee against the wind" - Simple and Practical

On a more serious note:

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

-George Bernard Shaw

Personal History

If you've made it this far - I congratulate you…

I'm Russian by origin and I came to the state of Israel with my brother and mother when I was 7. I finished school and got enlisted to the IDF. I served as a combat medic in an infantry battalion. Since my release I worked in travel security with tourists and local trips. After that I did some freelance jobs in show production crews.

Today I work as juggling and circus instructor in elementary schools – not the easiest job, but definitely a unique experience. And like I mentioned before I study photography in hopes of becoming a traveling photographer some sunny day.

Recently I was accepted to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to study Psycho-Biology, 2 subjects that i find fascinating, why not combine them, right?

That's it about me,

For any questions, comments and feedback you're welcome to contact me.



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