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Hi, welcome to the section of the site dedicated to body language videos! (big surprise, huh?).

Here you will find the best video material that I found on the web - be it educational, inspiring or just plain funny. Whether you seek additional visual content or just want to sit back and watch - you came to the right place.

To help sort the relevant videos to you I added a description for each video so you can identify what actually interest you.

This section will naturally grow over time as I find new great body language videos on regular basis, so stay tuned!

Apollo Robbins: The Art of Misdirection

Type: TED Talk

Year: 2013

Length: 9 min

What's this about: While this video isn't directly related to body language - it emphesize the importance of attention, an important trait in our observation and the reading of body lanugage.

Apollo Robbins, a former professional pickpocket, demonstrates in this TED talk how easy it is for him to control the attention of his victims and with a pair of dexterous hands literally rob them blind. Highly entertaining!

Body Talk - Power - (Dominance and Authority Signals)

Type: British Documentary

Year: 2004

Length: 50 Min

What's this about:

This is another episode from the British Documetary "Body Talk" by Peter Collett. This time it's about signals of dominanace and power. This episode is mostly focused on american and british politicans and their power struggle through body language.

While since filming the program world leaders have been replaced, the need to appear strong and confident is still a key in politics, where  showmanship is part of the role.

So wheter you're want to have more fun while watching world leaders meet, or just observe how skillfuly (or not) your boss manages your team, these power signals are what you want to look for.

Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

Type: TED Talk (Detecting deception)

Year: 2011

Length: 19 min

What's this about: Our world is full of lies, that's the hard truth... but who's to blame?

In this video Pamela Meyer explains that lying is actually part of our culture, and it's a cooperative act - meaning we have a hand in being lied to. But worry not, she also provides some tips on how to spot deception and deal with it, what eventually can help you create a more honest and reliable environment around yourself.

Body Talk - Sex - Male & Female Attraction Signals

Type: Documentary (attraction signals, flirtatious body language)

Year: 2004

Length: 15 min

This is an excerpt from a British documentary "body talk" series about attraction signals. In this video they conducted a nice experiment where they could observe male and female body language in a special bar installed with hidden cameras.

It's worth watching because It's nice to see attraction - in action, from the comfortable position of your couch. Sometimes this signals seem so obvious for the observer, but remember, it's much harder when you're the participant. Still, knowing what to look for, makes our courtship dance much more fun than stumbling in the dark and hoping you're doing OK.

Amy Cuddy - Your body language shapes who you are

Type: TED Talk (Lecture, Educational, Inspiring)

Year: 2012

Length: 21 min

What's this about: This is actually a very famous and inspiring TED talk , so if you didn't watch it yet - it's a must see. Amy Cuddy is a researcher of nonverbal communication that delivers an heartfelt lecture on how changing her nonverbal communication helped her succeed in life despite low self esteem due to head injury. The fascinating part is the research her team conducted to show how the way we hold ourselves affect our emotions and thoughts, and how it can be changed within minutes!

Vsauce - Why do we kiss?

Type:  Educational Video

Year: 2013

Length:  12 min

What's this about: If you're not familiar with Vsauce - now is the time to make the introductions. This guy has a great channel in youtube where he explains all kinds of interesting questions in science and technology, and he certainly knows how to it in lightweight and fun way. In this specific video he talks about why do we kiss.

Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times

Type: Silent Film (comedy)

Year: 1936

Length:  1 h 27 min

What's this about: I always thought that silent films possess a certain charm, maybe due to their simplicity and direct approach. They're so easy to understand and identify with, even if you're not a body language expert. When you do start to understand nonverbal communication - it only gets better. Enjoy one of the classics in the genera  - Modern Times with Charlie Chaplin.

Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling

Type: TED Talk (Lecture, Educational, Inspiring)

Year: 2011

Length:  7 min

What's this about: Another great TED talk, this time it's about smiling. Ron Gutman provides a captivating lecture on the benefits of smiling, from feeling better to looking more confident, there's no way you'll end watching this lecture without a huge grin on your face!

History Channel - Secrets Of Body Language

Type: Documentary (educational, popular science)

Year: 2009

Length:  1h 30 min

What's this about: This documentary made by the history channel  explores the subtle art of decoding body language signals. It mainly focuses on reviewing the body language of politicians and celebrities and explains some of the hidden gestures and signs of deception and stress. It's a great body language video because it allows you to see how experts analyze others, but please take the material on the video with a grain of salt since it's more of a pop science than hardcore specifics.


Don't worry more great stuff is on the way! come back later...

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