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Welcome to this little guide on where and how to start learn body language.

I created this starters guide because I figured many people can be quite confused about where to start.

"Where I can find more info about…?"
"I already know that x is… so what is best to read next?"
"Do you need to read it all?

I guess many and more questions like these may pop in your mind, so let's just relax and I'll try to explain it all, I promise.

Why are You Here?

why are you here?

"Just a Little Taste" Approach

If you are here because you heard the term "body language" and you wish to learn a little more - I suggest you to take a walk around… go through the pages, see what catches your eye and read about it.

Invest your time exploring random topics to get the gist of it. There is no need to rush or have a previous knowledge – it's all very intuitive and easy to understand.

The Direct Approach

If you came here looking exactly for one specific topic you can find it easily:

Think of this site as a book – Each title in the menu is a "chapter" on the subject.

Inside each "chapter" you will find "headlines" –pages that are focused on one specific term of the subject.

I Want it all Approach

If you are here because you're here eager to learn all about body language right here, right now – you can start from the top:

First I suggest learning how to read body language and honing your observations skills. If you're serious about doing it right, you need to know how to watch people and notice the small details.

Then move on to learn the different body gestures and facial expressions. There's a lot of information about each specific body part and expression.

When it's all starting to settle down in your head, I suggest moving on to specific topics related to your social needs: body language in job interviews, flirting, romance, sales, handling children and so on…

Taking Steps

what's the next step?

Similar to any other verbal language, body language study can be divided into 2: "reading" and "writing" (in our case – acting).

If all of this sounds new to you then I believe that it'll be much easier to learn body language by "reading it" first. I suggest you to learn the signs and their meaning before trying to change your own behavior.

What's truly fun about it is the intuitive and quick way you'll start to "get it". Body language is our 'built in' system of communication, so it's not really like learning it, but more like rediscovering and noticing things you already know.

So once you start to observe and understand it consciously, you'll also start to get more control over it. Then you can start by trying, for example, new hand gestures to spice up your speech or maintaining more eye contact to create rapport with others.

It doesn't have to big huge, even little 'tweaks' in your body language can lead to tremendous change in your social life.

And if you wish, with practice, you can become truly adept – you can learn how to read micro expressions, how to use dominant and submissive behavior to your advantage, how to quickly sense when someone lying and so much more...

Just Before You Start…

I want you to keep in mind 2 important notes:

1. While you can start experimenting with your body language from the start, it's best to read some guidelines in advance and let yourself get used to the ideas. Otherwise you may find yourself in some weird scenarios…

And on the other side…

2. When you learn body language try to get the main idea, don't hang on too much on small details - use your common sense to guide you.

It's true that a lot of things are in these elusive details but also remember it's not an exact science- many of the signs have varied interpretations depending on the context they appear in. 

So avoid that trap - you often just want to get the gist of things.

keep it balanced...

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Small Notes About This Site

This site and the information in it are based upon what I learned from books and articles on the subject and my personal experience in life.

The site is always growing, I'm adding more content over time, please be patient (;

In the future I plan to expand this site and allow you – the reader, to share your experiences and thoughts for the good of all, till then, stay tuned.

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